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Havelock Island (Swaraj Dweep) is the ultimate location for backpackers taking the backseat traverse for an exciting excursion amidst the nature. With Silver sands isled between regional plantation of gorgeous mangrove tropical forests and clear turquoise water giving ode to the shining rays that sparkle on the surface of its freshwaters, the place is destined to capture the attention of every eye that falls on its nature-laced beauty. To give you an indulgence worth remembering, luxury resorts in Havelock serve the fusion of decadence nestled right in nature’s cocoon

Be a part of elegance, and experience luxury hotels in Havelock

Your stay with luxury hotels in Havelock adds to the overall experience of your vacation. Royal Palace Havelock is a homogenized combination of contemporary d├ęcor and elite interiors with hospitality and services that has rightly positioned as top-ranking accommodation in Havelock, Andaman Islands. Endeavoring to create a unique proposition, we curate a range of experienced that not just meet but gracefully surpass your expectations.

Your wish, our command

We are a team of professionals with a simple vision: Your vacation should not limit to just a stay but become an experience worth remembering for a long time. Incorporating regional ethos, our resort is equipped with the latest amenities. Air-conditioned rooms, free wifi, safety deposit box, mini-refrigerator, attached bathroom with well-fitted toiletries and 24*7 running water and clean and hygienic surroundings are some of the many facilities that are available right at your doorsteps. Our service team is there to assist you at any given point of time.

Tour the nature’s paradise

With exciting recreational activities, an exquisite array of food points and a string of magnificent beaches, Havelock brings a plethora of choices for you. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast or you have a craving of tranquility and peace, Havelock connects you with what you desire. Imbibing the true essence of Havelock, we at Royal Palace are committed to give you a cozy, happening and memorable time.

Wednesday, 19 September 2018

What to do When in Havelock Andaman Islands

Havelock islands of Andaman are probably the best haven for beach lovers, for they boast of numerous sun kissed hotels and diving activities. Despite of its remote location amidst the shuffling sea, Havelock has earned its position in the international must visit places list. A mere stroll on its beaches is enough to rekindle one’s spirits. So, here is a list of activities that one may do in Havelock for having a memorable time:

1. Enjoying Beach Activities

Some of the best luxury hotel in Havelock stand by its beach, for that is where all the fun resides. One can go to the Elephanta Beach for enjoying water sports or playing with a baby elephant in the tides.

2. Diving Underwater for Witnessing Marine Life

One may borrow sophisticated equipment from the best resorts in Havelock Andaman to swim into its turquoise waters for gaining an audience amongst fishes, coral reefs etc.

3. Gorge into Delicious Food Rarities

The best hotel in Havelock as well as the best resorts in Havelock Andaman serve rare delicacies made from the local ingredients grown on the island. While marine food is the prime ingredient of all the dishes, one can also find vegetarian dishes at the restaurant.

Havelock islands is truly a paradise in India’s sea waters. Its international airport makes it an accessible place for tourists coming from any and all corners of the world. Naturally, if one intends to visit Havelock with his/her family, the fun quotient of its visit can rarely be calculated.

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